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Linda Joy

Linda Joy

Pilates instructor and Mind/Bodyhealer, has been working in the Wellness field for over 22  years.  her clientele has run the gamut from young ballerina wannabes to professional dancers, acrobats, anchorpeople, celebrities and anyone that is dedicated to getting into shape and seeing and feeling results. her motto is ‘What can be conceived can be achieved.’

Lin (Linda)  teaches all modalities of Pilates.  She enthusiastically appreciates the original style of Pilates and is considered a second generation teacher, 2x removed from Joseph Pilate’s himself.  She has opened several Pilates studios around the country including her own.  She has worked in different environments such as movie studios, hotels, television shows and fitness facilities.  Lin has also appeared in one of the first HBO segments for Pilates presented by the American Health Network.  She is very excited to promote Pilates as she loves helping people develop to their true physical  and emotional and spiritual potential.

Lin can currently be found at various locations around the isle of Manahattan as well as the Bronx, and the Hamptons. She also makes house/apt calls. When not teaching she is utilizing other healing bodywork modalities for her clients  and practicing/teaching Yoga.  She can also be found addressing and presenting Pilates to corporations and playing with her cocker spaniel Dazie, who loves Pilates too!
She uses her intuitive abilities as well as life experience to tailor a Pilates/Wellness  program for your individual needs.

Have a healthy, loving day